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​CHINDO INTERNATIONAL, S.A., is a  company  based  in  The  Republic  of  Panama  operating  since  1990  with service piers conveniently located in the Atlantic and Pacific areas of this country.


Ship supplying is our bussiness.   We offer vessels a wide line of products including provisions,  deck & engine equipment and safety equipment, just to name few.


With  great  pride we  deliver  to our  customers products  of  excellent quality,  procured directly  from their  original manufactures.

constant effort  is  exercised   on  a  daily basis  enhancing and  improving  services  that  we  provide  to  our  valued customers. 

We  always  try  to  establish  a  long lasting  relationship,  focused on mutual  success, and  always  looking forward to increase our business opportunities.


Our  headquarters for national  and  international operations is  established at Colon Free Zone.  There we have a warehouse with a  construction area of 1,800m2  strategically  located in the  France  Field  area, where we keep stock of all our products at excellent duty free prices.


We  also  have offices  in  Panama  City  to  cover other  national territory.  We  services  the  locations  using  our truck  fleet  and smaller wagons, for efficiency and quick delivery.


For additional information, quotations , please contact us


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